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The British Columbia Association of Optometrists (doing business as BC Doctors of Optometry) is your professional association which represents the interests of Doctors of Optometry who are practising in British Columbia. The purposes of the Association are as follows: (a) to ensure and advance the successful practice of Optometry by members in accordance with the highest standards of patient care; (b) to enhance the profession of Optometry in British Columbia by providing the leadership necessary to continually improve the economic well-being, quality of life and professional image of Optometrists; (c) to develop and maintain the education, communications and information systems which will respond to the needs of members; (d) to preserve and advance the economic interests of the members; (e) to uphold and enhance the image and credibility of Optometry; (f) to be a vigilant voice on issues affecting the eye health of all British Columbians; (g) to foster good relations with the public, government and other collegial groups and organizations; (h) to develop and maintain such services, programs, procedures or mechanisms which may better serve the interests and well-being of the members and which will facilitate the achievement of the other objects of the Association; (i) to participate in any other way in the advancement of the profession of Optometry; As a registered optometrist in British Columbia, you are invited to apply to be a member of BC Doctors of Optometry. As a member of the Association, you are also a member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO). Information on classes of membership and related fees is available by contacting the our office or on the website ( under Doctors of Optometry). I (the undersigned) hereby apply for membership with BC Doctors of Optometry. I agree to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws, and to promptly advise BC Doctors of Optometry of any change in practice location(s).

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