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Digital Retinal Camera for Sale  For Sale  October 2, 2019 
Slit Lamp and Keratometer  For Sale  October 2, 2019 
Various Display Items For Sale   For Sale  August 6, 2019  
Nikon Projector Chart  For Sale  August 6, 2019 
Canon Retinal Camera for sale  For Sale  July 15, 2019 
Canon Auto Refractor/Keratometer  For Sale  June 25, 2019 
Used Manual Keratometer for Sale  For Sale  June 10, 2019 


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Digital Retinal Camera for Sale (October 02, 2019)

Canon CR-DGi non-mydriatic digital retinal camera for sale, includes eyescape software and license for one viewing station. $2500 obo. Contact Rick at 604-218-6542 for more details.

Slit Lamp and Keratometer (October 02, 2019)

2 older model slit lamps for sale and a keratometer.
Topcon SL-6E slit lamp in used condition. Still works fine. $200 + shipping
Haag Streit slit lamp. It should work well but the wiring connections are older and might not work with a new slit lamp table. $200 + shipping
Bausch & Lomb manual keratometer. Works fine. It comes with the equipment to mount on a refraction stand. $200 + shipping
email cherriot for question or to see images.


Various Display Items For Sale (August 6, 2019)

Numerous items for sale. All items are in like-new condition and were purchased 5 years ago. Interested buyers may contact Aisha at 

1) Showcase with LED lighting and cut out circles. Comes with a remote. Dimensions: 59"H X 35 1/4 " W. Unit was $2000 USD new. Selling for $900 CDN.  (Left side)
2) Lit advertisement panel. Dimensions: 27.5" H x 59" H. Was $780 USD new. Selling for $400 CDN. (Right side)

3) Frame bars - mini tubix open rods - holds 18 ophthalmic frames. We have 14 rods. Selling for $75 each. 

4) Triple Wing Display Tower with Mirror - Purchased for $4000 USD. See description in photo. Selling for $1800 CDN. Rods sold separately. 
This Package includes:
- Four panels, each with Dimensions: 55 1/8 inches (H) x 35 1/2 inches (W)
- Two Wing Display Towers, each with Dimensions: 12"(W) x 71 inches (H) x 12 inches (L)
- One Wing Display Tower with Mirror with Dimensions: 19 7/8"(W) x 71 inches (H) x 12 1/2 (L)
- 16 Stainless Standoffs
Note: Each panel will accommodate four Mini-Tubix (MTE18-Lock or MTE18-Open or MTE12H-Open) rods or other wall mount eye wear rods less than 55" in length. Each Panel is a 3/8 inches thick acrylic structure attached to the Wing Display Tower with four 85 mm stainless steel standoffs.  

5) Accessory panel- Selling for $550. See images

6) Acrylic frosted optical display panels - 2 of them - 52" W x 57" H. Paid $1400 USD each. Selling for $600 CDN ea. Holds 6 frame rods. Rods sold separately. Picture attached is not of frosted version. 
7) Acrylic frosted optical display panels - 2 of them - 44" W x 57" H. Paid $1200 USD each. Selling for $525 CDN ea. Holds 5 frame rods. Rods sold separately. Picture attached is not of frosted version.

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Nikon Projector Chart (August 6, 2019)

Nikon projector chart with remote and screen for sale. Model number is NP-3S. $400 or best offer. Please contact Dr. Karim Mithani at or 604-781-7045 for more details.

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Canon Retinal Camera for sale (July 15, 2019)

Canon CR-DGi retinal camera for sale, includes eyescape software. $5500. Contact Tina at 604-618-3250 for more details. Pickup in Vancouver or willing to discuss shipping within Canada. 

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Canon Auto Refractor/Keratometer (June 25, 2019)

Like new most recent model manufactured October 18, 2017. Almost brand new, excellent condition. $10,000. These work for many years. Please contact if interested.

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Used Manual Keratometer for Sale (June 10, 2019)

Used black B&L manual Keratometer in good working condition. Will work on instrument stand arm or electric table. Immediately available for pickup in Vancouver. Send your contact information to, and I will send a photo. $450.

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